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The Epic Welcome?

This whole thing started as a chance to give Chris a break by having me DM a game. Before this, I hadn’t DM’d a game of D&D in at least 16 years (and no, I’m not counting the disastrous DnD 3 episode.) So I thought I’d plunge in much like Jay’s Professionals campaign and do something slightly different.

First off, I knew it was going to be EPIC!! None of us had played epic level characters, even during our beta playtesting for Wizards, and I knew it would be a treat for the guys.

Second, I had this idea that as the GM, I wanted to run the campaign a la Q from Star Trek. You know what I mean, right? The all-powerful being who came along and screwed with the Enterprise crew just because he could, but he wouldn’t just off them, cause where’s the fun in that? It doesn’t make good stories either, so in order to help with this magic, I stated the following character generation rules:

“For character generation, you will be playing lvl 22 characters. There may be some feats and backgrounds that I may disallow only cause I haven’t figured out what they do yet, but other than that, I leave it to you to choose the form of the destroyer, erm, I mean, your awesomeness. You must define what your primary weapon will be, be it ranged or melee and email that to me in advance. You will be granted 900K in gold to spend upon gear with the specific exception that you may not purchase a weapon with this money.”

Now some of you who GM may be thinking, “Oh no he didn’t! They’ll buy the kitchen sink!!!” To which I must reply, some of my characters brought an alternate kitchen sink. But hey, your epicness needs bling, right? I may regret this later, but I can agree to be magnanimous given the punishment I’d put them through.

To summarize the story arc, I say that I have no freakin’ clue where it’s going. I’ve laid the groundwork with the first two episdodes, which will be updated here shortly, but from here, it’s wherever and whenever we go and wherever the fancy strikes me. This campaign will be podcasted from the illustrious Icosahedrophilia Podcast found through http://drchris.me/d20/. Yes, we podcast the insanity live, cause that’s how we roll.

I think that’s all I have for now, but there will be more, oh yes, there will be more!



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